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What does “movement of disease within the body” mean?

Let’s have an example. I do not need to go too far for this, it is an example from my own life..As a little girl I had eczema for many years.

This was around 35 years ago so my parents believed, that everything, what doctor says, is absolutely true and the medicines they prescribed are miracles. And so my mum started using corticoid cream on me.. And the eczema went away! I remember saying “this cream is magic” and I wanted to use it all the time! It helped me with the itchiness and so fast working!

Let’s look at what actually happened in my body. The problem of eczema was just suppressed by the medication more inside the body…

A simple way of explaining how disease moves though the body is to view it through the eyes of 5 element theory in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The 5 element of TCM are Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water. Each element relates to different organs in the body. In this example we can look at metal element and its association with colon, skin, lungs and mind (please see below on the picture)

Můj řecký domov. To stříbrné v levo dole je část komína, kterou silný vítr nedávno přemístil.

Many babies nowadays are born with bowel problems due to allergies, sensitivities, their predisposition and also all other reasons that we can talk about another time..